t r e a t i s e ~

Wednesday, November 24


Nowadays, its gettin so hard for me to sleep. why? maybe everything's complete shit. There isn't much to love but im pretty sure with that one i love most :) I dont like people around me. I pretend i do. Sometimes for about plenty of hours i actually believe i do. But in the end its always goin the same. Alone and trust no one. Maybe my heart is just cold and black. Frigid. I make things so damn complicated but thats just me. Ohh i need a shrink =.=' sighh

Tuesday, November 23

you desperate bitch !

Dear someone, i know you read my crap from time-to-time. I want you to know and i think you deserve this. First, if you too assholy desperate then dont ever show it to people okeyh ? atleastlaa, cz im bloody sure you juz make people laugh for your dumb ass. Dont need told people yeah im hurtin again, thats guy leave me for another bitch, he cheated on me, he flirt behind me, he blaa blaa . heyy can you juz get it ? dont try so hard use that fuckin phrases to keep people attention especially men ! can you juz accept it ? an whore like you doesnt appropriate for a plain men okay, furhermore hes been age relate with me even it juz a past :) Second, you such a great pretender. the thingy you act as my friend was extremely disgusting okay ! fakkoff .

*dasar b***t c**a mmg mcm nie, paham :) HAHA

Thursday, November 11


fuckin serious , im so tired with all the drama . thanks guys for treating me like that :)

Thursday, November 4


Final exam is comin, come make me away =,='