t r e a t i s e ~

Thursday, August 26

11 months ~

He remove the status ! okeyy fine , thats mean he was give up for what happen between us , theres no more . okeyy :) from married , we'r being single .
today, 26 August 2010 , it should be 11 months for our married, but..
sokayy, this is come from me, my decision to left him, absolutely my idiot fault :(

Thursday, August 5


Arini bfday adek aku,amer tp aku plak yang dapat present for myself . HEHE .
Suke sgt dapat baby baru, akan jaga baby neh sbaik mgkin ;) mesti kowg pelik kan, ble mase plak aku pregnant tup2 ttbe ade baby ;p What i mean is.. my new baby is my handphone :D
mmgla dr awlnye aku tringin sgt and tekad nk blackberry tp td aku pegy kdai cina 2 dye ckap suda kasi angkat maa, aduhh . tp kan, blackberry 2 xde 3g la ;p Then, i go to my next list , and i juz make it ! HEHE

Nokia E72 Amethyst Purple :)

p/s : xleh blackberry , nokiaberry pon jadilaa :D