t r e a t i s e ~

Friday, June 25


FUCK ! i need sleep, i feel cold, i can't think, i want youu ! ;(

Wednesday, June 23


i'm not even on drugs, im juz weird :)
so, don't ever size me up oke .

Sunday, June 20

cursing ~

Its been 1day and half , he doesn't talk even texting me , ughh . I'm juz wait for his action and do nothing , well you noe me , sucha pig-headed gurl since ages , HEHE. forget bout it ! :)
Today , i went to Kuala brang wif my luvly parents to find a new rent house, for me and frenz to stay dis comin semester . Its been a months to find this house ! make me so sick and non-stop cursing bout this matter. Em whatt a great sunny today yea, i have to walk my ass off and ask plenty of people to find the house , its very tiring.arghh damn ;O
Next , we'd lunch at whatever kind of rstaurant , i can't rmmber at all its name but it seems have kopitiam2 la ;D ohh their chicken rice , so undlicious plus the chicken also really2 big one ( its contras actlly ! ) Looks , its so cute mom, said it to my momma ;p Im bloody sure, it make you wanna kick the waiter !trust me , HAHA . cursing again ,wtff stingy of rstaurant ! ;) My dad whisper sumthing to my mom , then she gave me a note. heyy ,control ur volume oke ! I DONT CARE mom , they should noe ! ;p
OMG i'm so dead beat today , i noe i need a pretty enough sleep , HEE . then i should go now , thats the end of shittin day today , thats it for now . thnx ! ;)

Saturday, June 12

toy ~

wishes of this year ;D Mom, please buy me this toy ! im promise to you i'll neva ask anythg again, please2 , hukk . im bloody sure i'll hepy until shed my tear ;D
i'll get it one day ! ;)

Friday, June 11

Men ohh men

See , this is the great reason to prove why men shouldn't write in advice column ;)
I'd show it to my boyfriend , after he read this, he juz laugh and said idiot men , HAHA .
Enjoy read this ;)

Thursday, June 10

Awkward situation , HAHA

Socially Awkward Situation #1:
You’re in class and you want to cough. Some other guy just coughed, now you have to wait.

Socially Awkward Situation #2:
Someone calls in your direction. You raise your hand to wave. It turns out they weren’t calling you. You casually fake a head-scratch. It’s too late; everyone saw.

Socially Awkward Situation #3:
You sit down on a chair and it makes a fart-like noise. You attempt to make the noise several more times so that everyone knows you didn’t really fart.

Socially Awkward Situation #4:
You hold the door open for one person. Now you have to hold it for everyone behind them; if you let go, they’ll think you’re selfish and un-mannered.

Socially Awkward Situation #5:
Talk to your date while eating. Accidentally spit a tiny bit of food onto them.

Socially Awkward Situation #6:
“Excuse me, do you stock ________?”
But they don’t work there.

Socially Awkward Situation #7:
He goes in for a high-five. You go in for props.

Socially Awkward Situation #8:
Walk into the washroom and the stalls are full; pretend you only came here to wash your hands then leave.

Socially Awkward Situation #9:
You check your phone because you have nothing to say to the conversation.

Socially Awkward Situation #10:
Someone comes online; you say “hey”, they go offline.

Socially Awkward Situation #11:
The person in front is walking slightly slower than you are. You walk at an uncomfortable speed to get past them.

Socially Awkward Situation #12:
Someone you vaguely know is walking in front of you. You maintain distance.

Socially Awkward Situation #13:
You say “hi” to someone. It comes out as a whisper.

Socially Awkward Situation #14:
You fart and sneeze at the same time.

#2,4,9 and 10. OMG i damnly hate those ! story of my life . been there, done that… except for #14 HAHA , wtf with that one ? evry single one except for 14 ;D

Wednesday, June 9

aww sweet ;)

lovely. =)

· Boy: You know what?

· Girl: What?

· Boy: Next time i see you, don't wear that skirt again, it's too revealing

· Girl: Why? I thought you loved that skirt

· Boy: Next time, wear something that reaches to your ankles

· Girl: Ok whatever

· Boy: A dress that reaches to your ankles.. and wear long white gloves that reach to your elbows

· Girl: What?

· Boy: Trust me

· Girl: What are you trying to do? Hide me from everyone?

· Boy: Do up your hair as well real pretty

· Girl: Are You listening to what i'm saying? You're so conservative, don't choke me like this... Are you kidding me?

· Boy: I'm dead serious.

· Girl: You know i dont like guys who boss me around

· Boy: ... Wear a veil

· Girl: ... what?

· Boy: Wear this ring too

· Girl: ....

· Boy: Marry Me

Tuesday, June 8

Arau , Perlis

hey guys , its so long i didn't updating my blog even only juz a week , HEE since i 'd went to Arau , perlis for volleyball tournament , Polytechnic sports event . Yeahh , i had some fun there even got an ample sun burning on my face , theres a border on my face , trust me dudes HAHA .
There were a lot of low in price drama happen . . scandals , conflict , money , prejudice and bla bla , didn' t need to mention the actors and actress name coz they are absolutely sucks to find people attention or as known as cheap publicity , so pity on em . sory if you read this , i'm not running you down i juz telling the truth oke HAHA .

HERE , i put some of freakin picture of me and friends at perlis and kedah . we went to shopping and visiting the historical place , Gua Kelam . We juz didn't make our main plan to go to Langkawi based on tight budget . too tired to put all the story in one post . so, u should wait for next post yea :) . Oke , thats all for today , thnx buddy ;)